• A Video about the Municipality of Akureyri
  • Akureyri

    Akureyri is the centre of culture, education and leisure activities in North Iceland. The town of over 18.000 is by far the largest outside the Reykjavík area.

  • Arctic Iceland

    The goal of "IACN" is to facilitate cooperation amongst Icelandic public and private organizations, institutions, businesses and bodies involved in Arctic issues

  • Arctic Portal

    A comprehensive gateway to Arctic information and data on the internet, increasing information sharing and co-operation among Arctic stakeholders 

  • Arctic services

    The main objective is to promote the high service level and infrastructure available for those involved in exploration, oil search and mining in the arctic region.

  • CAFF

    The biodiversity working group of the Arctic Council and consists of National Representatives assigned by the eight Arctic Council Member States.

  • Equality

    The Centre for Gender Equality is a national bureau and is in charge of administering the Act on Equal Status and Equal Rights of Women and Men

  • RMF

    The aim of this co-operation is the improvement and promotion of tourism research in Iceland and strengthening the bonds of research and industry

  • NRF

    NRF provides an international platform for an effective dialogue between members of the research community and a wide range of stakeholders

  • PAME

    PAME is the focal point of the Arctic Council’s activities related to the protection and sustainable use of the Arctic marine environment

  • RHA

    The centre’s main aim is to enhance the University of Akureyri's research capabilities and to strengthen its ties to the local and national economy.

  • Stefansson

    The Stefansson Arctic Institute (SAI) was established in 1998 and operates under the auspices of the Icelandic Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources.

  • Unak

    The University of Akureyri prepares students for a wide range of opportunities in both the private and the public sectors.

  • Polar Law Institute

    The Polar Law Institute is a non-profit research and education institution and operates within the University of Akureyri.

  • International Arctic Science Committee

    The IASC is a non-governmental organisation that aims to encourage, facilitate and promote cooperation in all aspects of Arctic research.